Premium Cut Leg And Chest Chicken (Frozen)


  • 100 percent HALAL
  • Food that is 100 percent natural
  • Local and fresh broiler chicken
  • 100 percent Fresh Not Chemicals
  • Fat and wastage completely trimmed
  • No preservatives or additions

Do you want to buy Premium Cut Leg and Chest Chicken (Frozen) with skin comprises thigh and drumstick meat. A whole leg with all the bones, including the knucklebone, was removed from the heart. Premium Cut Leg and Chest Chicken (Frozen) is one of the top-quality ranges that we provide as one of the prominent businesses in the industry.

14 to 16 immaculately cut premium leg and chest chicken pieces


Our Raw Premium Cut Leg and Chest Chicken (Frozen) is the right cuts for a delightful experience. Truly delicate, juicy, and virtually no hassle with bones! Simple to maintain with and gives a hearty taste to the palette.

The price can change at any time because of changes in the market. Contact us if you require further information.

How do we serve?

As a Wholesaler, Exporter, and Supplier we are now providing a discount of 20 percent. We are Premium Cut Leg And Chest Chicken (Frozen) wholesalers and bulk exporters. Our HALAL Premium Cut Leg and Chest Chicken (Frozen) and our ISO-certified production facilities are proud accomplishments. People should be happy and healthy because we always sell healthy beef, raw chicken, and pork.

Our Delivery

The following food industries are served by the goods and services we provide to our importers:

  • Industry
  • Wholesale suppliers
  • Wholesalers of food for the restaurant industry
  • Retail

How to Enjoy It: To our taste, we like to roast them until they are crispy. The combination of the dripping fluid, crisp Premium Cut Leg And Chest Chicken (Frozen), and flavorful, delicate meat is just outstanding! We also appreciate preparing cordon bleu-ed type chicken and soy sauce and ginger soaked chicken!