Trusted Frozen Chicken Paws Suppliers

Brazilian Chicken Exporters, as a reputable and experienced wholesale frozen chicken feet supplier, is dedicated to providing the best-frozen chicken feet and paw. The main challenge is edibility, which standardised meat processing and packaging procedures have been addressed. Feet of organically raised chickens are available from us. In the cutting and processing of meat, no toxic chemicals are employed. There are no hazardous preservatives utilised in the packaging. These standardised techniques produce chicken feet that are safe to eat or edible. Pasteurized and neatly wrapped feet are sent to our customers flawlessly.

HALAL and Non-HALAL frozen chicken feet, paws, wings, legs, breast, drumsticks, and other bird parts are available in big and small quantities. Don’t hesitate to contact us via email at or by phone at +55 61 4042-7217 if you have any queries.