Brazil Quality Inspection

Quality Inspection Unit and countries:

Halal Inspection:

FAMBRAS has the Brazilian Islamic Center for Halal Foodstuff (CIBAL HALAL) as its operational arm. The main functions of the company are the provision of services of labor specialized in slaughter, inspection and supervision of halal products, audits and implementation of the halal system , working 

Approved SIF Codes: 

The quality and sanitary standard of Brazilian chicken meat are continu- ally being tested and approved by the most demanding consumers. It’s a success story rooted in the traditional competence of the productive sector and the advanced sanitary technology.

SGS Brazil:

Brazil SGS inspection unit

ISO Inspection Unit

Inspection. Inspection describes the regular checking of a product to make sure it meets specified criteria. Fire extinguishers, for example, need regular inspections to ensure they are safe for use. 

Brazil Chicken Inspection Board:

Exporting establishments are responsible for obtaining the label registration from the Government of Brazil. FSIS is not responsible for label registration with the Government of Brazil – either the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, and Supply ( MAPA) and/or the Department of Animal Origin Products (DIPOA).