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Looking for trusted frozen chicken exporters and suppliers in Brazil or any other country? We, Brazilian Chicken Exporters, are the verified worldwide supplier and exporter. We deal with a huge variety of frozen chicken items of brands that are widely known and trusted in Brazil and around the world. In efforts of providing you with the best quality frozen chicken, we dedicatedly maintain long-term relationships with top-tier, fully certified, and ISO compliant chicken manufacturers and producers.

Our supply network is huge and extensive and encompasses all kinds of clients that need or deal with frozen chicken, such as importers, manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, food chains, supermarket chains, restaurants, hotels, and so on. You can even buy frozen chicken Cuts online from us.

We are a verified Wholesale Brazilian Chicken Exporters in Brazil and worldwide and deal in a huge variety of chicken cut products, such as Drumsticks, Half Grillers, Boneless Skinless Breasts, Whole Legs, Feet, Paws, Skinless Thighs, Boneless Thighs, Carcass, Whole Wings, Tails, Livers, Nuggets, and so on.

Besides, we also offer Halal slaughtered chicken products according to Islamic laws. Our Halal chicken products are well-cleaned and fresh and have white skin with no bruises, broken bones, black pads, ammonia burns, bad smells, excessive blood, or bloodstains.

All our frozen chicken products are blasted at -40 degrees Celsius and stored at -20 degrees Celsius, while temperature during the transportation is maintained at -18 degrees Celsius.

Looking for high-end brand chicken products?

We have got you covered. No matter if you are looking for Sadia brand chicken exporters, BRF chicken suppliers, or another chicken brand exporter, you can contact us without any hesitation. We deal with a variety of brands, including Sadia, BRF, Seara, JBS, Coopavel, and Big Frango and supply frozen chicken worldwide.

Available Chicken Brands